Dr. James Dugan, M.D., F.A.C.S


Advanced Urology, LLC strives to obtain superior patient outcomes in all aspects of urology. This service stems directly from attention to detail, thorough data collection, cutting-edge technology in both the office and in the operating theatre, meticulous surgical technique, intra-office and inter-office communication, teamwork, and personal patient care. Every patient will be treated with maximal confidentiality and compassion. Patient education and informed consent are cornerstones of the practice.

As the practice grows, each decision will flow from the above core values. Economies of scale will never erode our personal touch. As the practice expands, every effort will be made to contribute to the clinical research database and to publish our outcomes for all to review. Superior outcomes, patient education and clinical research will drive Advanced Urology, LLC to exceed patient expectation.

The final chapter of Advanced Urology, LLC's success will be measured by its ability to attract like-minded associates to continue the mission well into the future, to train future urological surgeons and clinical associates to commit to superior patient outcomes. As the practice grows and the fruits of labor allow, Advanced Urology, LLC would like to invest an increasing amount of time and effort into the care of the underprivileged.